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Mediation and Arbitration
In keeping with her experience on the appellate court, Justice Smith mediates cases in many areas of the law, including: dissolution of business partnerships; contract and other commercial disputes; wrongful death and personal injury actions; employment discrimination claims; probate and estate matters; family law disputes; regulatory cases; and public policy disputes involving governmental entities. When the situation or the contract calls for arbitration, Bea Ann offers efficient and fair outcomes as an arbitrator.
Appellate Consultation: Oral Argument and Brief Writing
Justice Smith conducts moot courts to help lawyers refine the logic and the presentation of an appellate court argument. This is a service that she performs state-wide for attorneys and nationally for state and federal appellate judges attending the Dwight J. Opperman Institute of Judicial Administration at New York University School of Law every summer.
Bea Ann is proud of her reputation as a “superb legal writer.“ She can make a valuable contribution to lawyers by editing their briefs and motions. For years she has taught judicial writing courses for judges in Texas and across the country. For five years she has taught a course at the University of Texas School of Law called “Writing for the Court.“ She also teaches a writing seminar to University of Texas undergraduates in the Plan I Honors Program. Bea Ann wants to help all lawyers “think like a writer.”
bea ann smith